26 October 2007

Afternoon Digression

The children and I often go for a stroll through the local park (not to be confused with 17th-century Parc Colombière a mile north, whose beautiful boulevard was described by Louis XIV as "la plus belle allée de mon royaume."). This one is rather small and simple, bordered by the L'Ouche on one side and the Canal de Bourgogne, often flocked with ducks, on the other. In the middle sits the Town Hall, and a gravel path winds through the woods toward Dijon.

The park from the bridge

The bridge from the park

Town Hall, which sits in the center of the park.

children france 017
Feeding the ducks

notre dame 008
Over the rise of grass flows the Canal de Bourgogne, and beyond, hidden behind trees, is the spire of Eglise St. Pierre.

children france 019
Noticeably thinned out foliage in this photo taken in late October