01 May 2007

Notre Dame's Catholic identity: Whither Goest Thou?"

This Friday, May 4th, Notre Dame will host a panel to discuss the fate of Notre Dame University's Catholic identity (Room 131, Debartolo Hall).

On a related note, a recent graduate expressed her personal opinions on the Vagina Monologues (which at present is receiving no faculty sponsorship). An excerpt:
I looked down at her "bikini" - the words wrapping around her said "Date Rape Free Zone." I looked up again into her eyes and asked, "Have you ever been raped?" Almost puzzled by the directness of my question, she cocked her head to the side before answering "no." I asked all the girls there - not one of them had actually been raped. I turned and walked away, feeling rather violated all over again because two years prior to graduation, I had been the victim of rape.
As I became acquainted with most of the faculty and students involved with the production of "The Vagina Monologues," I quickly noticed a rather common trend. Despite being dedicated to the protection of women, most of the women I encountered who were directly involved with the production of "The Vagina Monologues" held a very limited and sometimes even warped understanding of a woman's true beauty and power. They simply equated sexual forcefulness with liberation and healing. In essence, they advocated a position that it is healthy for women to act in a similar manner to the men who had hurt them - domineering, insensitive and completely self-absorbed.