13 May 2007

Allons y!

We are in the middle of applying for all the proper visas for a long stay in Dijon, France. What an involved and complicated process it is. It's made much simpler, fortunately, because of my dual French and U.S. citizenship. I was born a French citizen in Viet Nam, and after the fall of Saigon, our family moved to France, where we stayed several years. At age 10, I became a U.S. citizen--but my French citizenship has always remained. I've only got to renew my Carte Nationale D'Identite Securisee (which requires sending off for my birth certificate stored in Nantes, France), and apply for a French passport. (If all of that had been in order two weeks ago, I could have voted for Sarkozy.) The nice thing is that we'll have access to the French system of health care while there.