10 February 2007

Worship Faux Pas

The Curt Jester has a list of them here. Some especially good ones:
If the church actually has kneelers please slide the kneeler up when you go to Communion so others in the same row do no have to to the narrow shuffle side step.

If you receive Communion in the hand remember that your car keys and cell phone are maybe accessories in the Body of Christ, but can't receive themselves - put them away first.

Asking the person who just came out of a confessional both after a long time in confession "What the heck did you do?" is not considered appropriate.

Regardless of how banal the songs the choir is singing, it is not polite to shout out requests.

Do not bring the music issue of the missal home to use as toilet paper, no matter how appropriate.
If you have a 103 degree temperature and your nose is running faster than Flo-Jo you might want to skip Mass and not try to shake the hands of half the congregation.
I've got a few of my own to add:

--Even if the sanctuary hasn't been swept in a month, it's not the proper place to strew your fingernail clippings or earwax. It's the House of God, not your family room.

--To all extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion: When I open my mouth to receive the Sacred Host, the point is to place it lightly and firmly on the tongue without letting any part of your fingers touch my mouth. Please.

--Parents, on Palm Sunday, do remember that blessed palms are sacramentals and should therefore not be chewed, torn to shreds, and scattered on the floor by your children.

--To my fellow Catholics who attend the traditional Latin Mass: when the F.S.S.P. priest makes a lighthearted remark during the homily, it is ok to smile. Even to laugh. Yes, even in the sanctuary.