05 December 2006

President Bush a Jacobin?

Paul Craig Roberts on the neoconservative takeover:
The Jacobins of the French Revolution were going to transform not only France but also all of Europe, but no such thing happened despite the abolition of feudalism in 1792 by the National Assembly, the guillotine, and France's military dominance of Europe for two decades.
In true Jacobin, Bolshevik, Cultural Revolution, neoconservative fashion, the job Bush wants to accomplish is the deracination of Islam and the recreation of Muslim society in America's image. It is impossible to imagine a less conservative goal.
Intriguing thoughts. There are certain goals of the current war with which I agree, while others seem absurd. Attempting to recreate the Middle East in America's image is an impossible task; give the area a thousand years, and it'll never implement democracy or free speech. Neither is it our duty to see that they do so. Their religion fundamentally prevents such a possibility. The motives are well-intentioned, and it's an admirable goal (could we not say the same of communists' and socialists' motives?); but the Burkean conservative understands that wholesale reform cut off from hundreds of years of a nation's history, tradition, and culture inevitably fails.