07 December 2006

Another event in the Chicago area is the upcoming 26th Annual Federalist Society Student Symposium, held at Northwestern Law School. The theme is Law and Morality, and the program includes debate on religion in the public square, same-sex marriage, the morality of First Amendment jurisprudence, and more.

For a bit on the Fed Society, see my article on the same, in which I quote BU Law Professor Gary Lawson's little ditty sung at a previous Student Symposium (to the tune of "American Pie"):
My, my, kiss the old days good-bye;
I quoted Lenin, Marx, and Brennan, but it just didn't fly.
The White House staffers could just break down and cry,
singing, "Maybe we'll give Judge Bork a try…
Maybe we'll give Judge Bork a try."
(BTW, the title of my piece is horribly inaccurate and was the editor's idea, not mine.)