22 November 2006

Everything You've Never Wanted to Know About Moi

Why do you blog? It gives me a way to neglect my children

What are you reading at the moment? The Cruise of the Nona, The Dividing of Christendom, Thank You, Jeeves, Mary Queen of Scots

Favorite poem? Impossible question

Favorite films? Pygmalion, The Winslow Boy (orig.), The Philadelphia Story (orig.), A Man for All Seasons

Favorite composers? Bach, Chopin, Liszt

Major moral, political or intellectual issue on which you've changed your mind? Whether or not to bleach my hair platinum blond

What philosophical thesis do you think it most important to disseminate? If I went about disseminating philosophical theses, it wouldn’t be terribly original: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul, and strength, and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

If you could effect one major policy change in the governing of your country, what would it be? Abolish “substantive due process” (and its spawn) from all case law

Heroes, political or otherwise? Edmund Campion, Therese of Lisieux

What is your favorite piece of wisdom? “Life would be delish / With a sunny disposish” (in the immortal words of Ira Gershwin)

If you could choose anyone, from any walk of life, to be Prime Minister, who would you choose? Reginald Jeeves

What would you do with the UN? Turn it into a collective for destitute writers and convert the Office for Gender Equality into a unisex bathroom

What do you consider to be the main threat to the future peace and security of the world? Me

Do you think the world (human civilization) has already passed its best point, or is that yet to come? Isn’t it here now? Maybe not…

What do you consider the most important personal quality? Humility

What personal fault do you most dislike? Egotism

What would be your most important piece of advice about life? Live as if the next one depends on it (it does)

Do you think you could ever be married to, or in a long-term relationship with, someone with radically different political views from your own? Not unless he had gobs of cash

Do you have any prejudices you're willing to acknowledge? No (none I’ll admit publicly, anyway)

Favorite humorists? P.G. Wodehouse, P.J. O’Rourke

What, if anything, do you worry about? World peace, nuclear disarmament, getting rid of the little black spots from between my bathroom tiles without having to regrout the whole lot

If you could have any three guests, past or present, to dinner who would they be? Arius, Walsingham, and J. Harry Blackmun—and during dessert I’d give them all a good talking to

If you were to relive your life to this point, is there anything you'd do differently? *Sigh* Where to begin?

Where would you most like to live (other than where you do)? Contented where I am, thanks

What would your ideal holiday be? Pilgrimage to Lourdes with the fam

What do you like doing in your spare time? Not much of that, I’m afraid, but when it’s there, reading.

If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? I wouldn’t

What talent would you most like to have? Wish I had a photographic memory

What would be your ideal choice of alternative profession or job? Food critic

What animal would you most like to be? Human animal

If you could have one (more or less realistic) wish come true, what would you wish for? Religious vocation for my children

How, if at all, would you change your life were you suddenly to win or inherit an enormously large sum of money? I’d pay off all my debts, buy a home adequate for the family, invest, and give away loads to my parents, parish, and charities of my choice. Anything left over would go to fund haircuts for Tre Arrow.

What commonly enjoyed activities do you regard as a waste of time? Blogging

Questions taken, more or less, from Normblog Profiles